3D Revolution


The principals of Company believe that 3D movies of all kinds, not just huge-budgeted blockbusters like "Transformers: Age of Extinction" and "Maleficent," represent the cinematic successes of the present as well as the wave of the future in moviemaking.  The company believes Cost Effective-budgeted films in 3D can make big profits  and the Company specializes  in high quality 3D on low budgets for all platforms.


The Company also believes that once the movie-going public experiences 3D without glasses, the demand for such screens/displays (and 3D movies to display on them) will increase dramatically, thus opening great opportunities for the worldwide presentation  of 3D without glasses.


Timing is everything. The Company believes that “now” is the time to take advantage of the golden 3D opportunity derived from 3D and glasses-free 3D.


Click the play button below to see a unique 3D solution which also works in 2D if you do not have the glasses.